Want the latest (yoga) gift guide for kids with useful and fun gifts that help kids learn social-emotional regulation skills and self-care? Read on!

Let’s be honest, the past 12 months have been a whirlwind, to say the least.

Many of us have lost out on many things, and some have gained some. Whether it is time, money, space, things, friends, loved ones… the ups and downs, and gains and losses have been at times extreme.

What I do know now is that it’s important to value what we do have, and to keep the things (and people) that are meaningful and important close at hand.

With the holidays are coming up, it’s important to keep gratitude in mind. Gratitude for what we have, and how to show that gratitude to others. 

There are some helpful tips on gratitude and yoga for kids here. Use these Christmas gift-giving notebooking pages to help your kids keep track of the gifts they give and how it feels, too.

Still, we want to be able to give our kids more this year. To remind them that they are loved and cared for.

And perhaps to even give them tools and strategies to manage and combat the swings in emotions they have been feeling over the past year.

Kids need to remember that they are loved and cared for.

They also need to learn how to love and care for themselves.

Giving gifts to kids that help them with self-care is hugely beneficial. It can open doors and conversations on advocacy, health and wellness, and even self-worth.

If your child is already interested in yoga or mindfulness, these gifts will be perfect for them. If not, it’s a great way to open the door to introducing your child to yoga and mindfulness. 

We want to give our children things that will build them up, offer them tools to grow and connect with themselves and their emotions.  And, when possible, to connect with others. 

What are some good holiday gifts to give kids that help them connect, be mindful, and practice wellness with yoga or meditation?

The best yoga and mindfulness gifts for kids in 2023

(This gift guide for kids is generally organized in order of best for youngest to older kids. Some links are affiliate links). Don't forget to check out these gifts for your adult children too, our kids never stop being our own! 🙂

I've added the hashtag #shopsmall after links that are directly to small businesses!

Toddlers to Early Elementary Kids Gift Guide

Silk Scarves: These fun and bright silk scarves are so fun and engaging to look at. You can use them to practice mindful breathing (blow the scarf off your face while laying down). Drop a scarf and dance until it hits the ground. Or simply twirl and dance with it to music, mindfully watching the movement and colors.

Sensory Bin Toys: These sensory and mindfulness based toys are perfect for young toddlers exploring new textures and sensations. Perfect for imaginative play, too!

Waldorf Triangle, Arch and Climbing Wall: These fun climbing toys help kids learn balance, coordination, muscle control, courage, and independence. Here is a beautiful set as well, handmade! #shopsmall

Chimes: A musical tone chime is a wonderful way to practice mindful listening. Ring the chime and listen to the tone until you can no longer hear it. This sound is a higher pitch and gets your attention, but also helps you focus.

Breathing Ball: A Hoberman sphere, or an expanding ball, is an excellent mindfulness toy for kids. It expands and contracts in size and is the perfect visual for breath in the body. Kids love to play with the ball and will love to use it to help them practice breathing techniques.

Music: Kira Wiley has an amazing set of music for kids. Yoga songs for kids, mindfulness meditations for kids, and more! They are really nice to have for learning yoga poses and getting some extra movement or mindfulness in your day with kids. Here is Kira's website for more CD's. #shopsmall

Songs for Peaceful Pandas, Vol. 1 Kira Willey Artist

Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear: If you haven’t yet seen this adorable, posable, yoga-loving plush teddy, be prepared to fall in love. He’s bendable, can stand and balance (mostly) on his own, and is super cuddly.

He’s even got some cute clothing and a little yoga mat! (He should be at the top of this yoga gift guide for kids, but I think he's best for ages 3 and up). #shopsmall

Any child who can start to learn yoga poses will LOVE this bear and it will encourage them to try yoga and mindfulness even more. I’ve had kids from toddlers to teens obsess over him and get so excited to try out yoga with him. A guaranteed must-have gift for kids that are interested in yoga and mindfulness!

Check out my classroom teaching tips with Meddy Teddy here.

Meddy teddy is doing triangle yoga pose with a child on their yoga mat

Balance Board: A fun and entertaining way for toddlers and kids to work on their balance! Balance boards can also be used as a bridge, table, slide, cradle, and so much more! Develop your child's physical coordination and creativity skills at the same time.

Elementary Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Gift Guide

Singing Bowl: A good singing bowl is an essential gift for any child wanting to learn mindfulness or set up an at-home yoga space for themselves. There’s a beautiful full set of chakra-inspired quartz singing bowls here too.

Yoga Memory Game: These adorable kids yoga tiles, 2 per set, make a great yoga memory game! Learn the yoga poses and practice your mindfulness awareness at the same time. Their new Yoga Bundle of kids yoga games and activities is a truly adorable holiday gift for the little yoga kids in your life!

Yogi Dice Yogi Fun Author

Kids Yoga Mat: Getting your child the gift of their own yoga mat is a great way to inspire them to start yoga and learn more about the practice with you. These yoga mats are also really adorable! #shopsmall

Yoga Cards: These are my favorites. And there are so many good ones (check this post). But if you need some good diverse, instantly available cards, check out my full set of kids yoga cards here! Over 100 kids yoga cards in PDF format. #shopsmall

Fidget Toys: Yeah, these got a bad rap in 2017, but some kids (and adults) just need something to keep their hands busy while they try to listen to endless zoom calls or video lessons.

My Sister's Super Skills: A wonderful book that teaches kids some useful emotional regulation skills! Each skill is related to an animal which is extra memorable. It's also endearing that older sister is teaching this to her younger brother who is having difficulties with some feelings. #shopsmall

Yoga Books: I have a whole list of kid's yoga books here, and kid's mindfulness books here. This one is a good starter book because it has the Yoga ABC’s which is a favorite kids yoga lesson of mine.

Mindful Moments and Boundless Blooms: A wonderful book and a gorgeous set of mindfulness cards for kids from the small business, Boundless Blooms. Beautifully illustrated activities and encouragements to help kids notice and be aware of their surroundings. #shopsmall

Breathe in Color: a wonderful mindfulness based coloring book for kids! This is a great gift for artistic kids that are working on their breathing and mindfulness skills. Available in a physical copy or a digital format. #shopsmall

Teens Yoga and Mindfulness Gift Guide

Little Yogis: Tees, leggings, sweatshirts, stickers, water bottles, art, and more! All for little yogis with positive sayings and adorable designs. #shopsmall

Eye Pillow: A little lavender-scented eye pillow is a great way to encourage kids to rest in savasana and meditate a little longer. Here are some nice handmade eye pillows for kids too, sold on Etsy. #shopsmall

Zen Garden: A little Zen garden to place on a child’s desk is a perfect gift for kids learning through distance learning this holiday season. Use the little rocks and rakes to make designs, smooth out the sand, and feel a little calmer and at peace.  Make your own with some directions here!

Water Painting Set: I used some of these in a college art project to demonstrate the calming and focusing benefits of art and therapy for kids. Make designs, don’t worry about mistakes, and feel a little more peaceful while using this beautiful water painting set.

Meditation Cushion: These beautifully patterned meditation cushions will help young kids and teens feel motivated to sit and practice a little meditation. Get one as a gift for your child, and one for yourself!

Silk & Sonder Mindfulness Journal for Kids: I love my Silk and Sonder monthly journals. They keep me on track with goals, habits, gratitude, journaling, and mindfulness. The kid’s journals are adorable too! #shopsmall Start a habit of journaling and practicing gratitude with your kids by gifting them a monthly subscription to these adorable kids’ journals. You will all feel more focused and productive!

Mala Beads: Mala beads are a great gift for a young yogi or meditator. Using a set of mala beads can help you focus on your mantra or affirmation while you sit to meditate. Kids and teens love having something to do with their hands even when sitting still, these are a great sustainable choice!

I hope this yoga and mindfulness gift guide for kids is helpful to you this holiday season. 

We all need some reminders to take care of ourselves (#self-care for the win!) and our kids should be included in that as well.

While your shopping for your kids’ gifts this season, don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself too. 🙂

Be well and keep doing yoga!

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