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  • Tired of feeling like you’re doing it all on your own, or that no one really knows what it’s like teaching yoga to kids?
  • Do you feel like you’re doing the same things over and over when teaching kids and not getting any results?
  • Are you exhausted by lesson planning and just need a few fresh ideas?


The Kumarah Kids' Empowered Educators teaching and learning community!

An exclusive learning and collaborating community for parents and professionals who bring yoga and mindfulness to kids in all spaces.

The only membership community to combine ongoing learning events, collaborative lesson planning, small business tips, and exclusively tailored support for your needs in the kids yoga teaching world.

What exactly do you get access to?

You'll unlock a world of yoga teaching resources, collaboration, and inspiration with our membership, empowering you to transform children's lives through mindfulness and movement.

Twice monthly Live Learning calls on topics such as “Yoga for Preschoolers,” “Sequencing Poses,” “Winter Themed poses” and more!

1-2 new themed lesson plans written for you monthly, based on a book and usually a seasonal topic.

Unlimited access to the community forums for asking questions, joining discussions, learning from others, and sharing your successes.

All the previous lesson plans (15 +), all with games, breathing exercises, meditation scripts, and written in an editable Word document.

Recorded videos of all previous live calls (30+ recordings!) to watch and learn from for specific topics and themes.


Additional printable resources: breathing exercise cards, guided meditations, attention signals poster, sun salutation poster, and more.


Free 30 minute private coaching session with Maia. Whatever you want to work on or need help with, we’ll set up a time and get right to it!


Free access to our small business planning and pivoting space, with resources and ideas for launching your small business in kids yoga and mindfulness anywhere!

How will the community support you?

  • Access private online spaces to connect with other teachers, parents, librarians, social workers, physical therapists and more. Anyone who brings yoga and mindfulness to kids in a setting is welcome.
  • Get support and answers to your questions from Maia and many other teachers who have tons of experience. Know that you’re not alone!
  • Feel a sense of belonging to a community with a shared vision.
  • Gain motivation to reach your professional goals and find success in your teaching/learning or small business.
  • Learn from expert speakers on specific topics like engagement, adaptations for physical and behavior needs, and how to start and grow your kid’s yoga business

Join Happy Members

Hear from others like you who have benefitted from the amazing collaborative space!

Kumarah Yoga’s Empowered Educators community has the gift of touching the lives of so many educators, parents, and adults, who then have been able to impact the lives of countless children. I’m so glad to see this grow into the incredible community it is today.

The Empowered Educators weekly Zoom meetings helped to keep me accountable and reach my personal goals. I felt incredibly prepared to go in and teach my first class with the support from this community!

I am absolutely amazed by all the resources you put together and share with us in the community. I always look forward to reviewing the live videos and going back into the understanding, patient, fun, creative and mindful universe you have created for us. Thank you!


Jump in and gain instant access to more lesson plans and the knowledge of a thriving community. Take the next step in your journey as a kids’ yoga and mindfulness educator. Choose between 3 plans:

  • $29/month
  • $77/quarter
  • $247/year

We believe in rewarding commitment. Choosing our annual subscription, you're saving $100 for the year!

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About Maia, your community guide

I started my kids' yoga teaching career in a public school, after transitioning from a private preschool and suburban training. It was a huge shift in teaching methods, student population, and learning challenges.  I initially struggled to connect these students with yoga and mindfulness, feeling isolated despite seeking advice online. However, perseverance and learning from others in my school led to breakthroughs, boosting my confidence and refining my teaching methods.

Founding Kumarah Kids' Yoga was a way for me to share resources and foster a community, enhancing yoga education for kids through my decade-plus experience in diverse educational settings. My background includes extensive training in kids’ yoga and mindfulness, equipping me to create engaging lessons for children of various backgrounds. Our community also features professionals from various fields, all dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching environment for children to grow in their yoga and mindfulness journey.


Your membership grants you access to exclusive lesson plans, live learning Zoom calls twice a month, previously recorded calls, plus a supportive community of fellow educators where you can share insights and experiences.

Absolutely. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription whenever you want. We aim for this to be a pressure-free engagement that serves your needs as they evolve.

Definitely. The community is designed to support educators at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. You’ll find resources tailored to different experience levels.

Yes, members have access to special events, including Q&A sessions with experienced educators, webinars on various aspects of teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, and virtual meetups.

We regularly update the library with new lesson plans, videos, and fresh ideas. Expect to see 1-2 new lesson plans added monthly, with a minimum of 2 live calls every month as well.

While we do not offer a traditional free trial period, our monthly membership option provides a low-risk way to explore all the resources available instantly. You can consider the first month as a trial, with the option to cancel if it's not the right fit for you.

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