Are you ready to get a kids yoga and mindfulness certification with the best tools and most relevant teaching tips from a full time in-school kids yoga teacher?

I used to think teaching kids yoga was as simple as leading them through fun animal poses.
I thought we’d do some fun poses, practice mindfulness, and then they’d automatically learn how to self regulate and deal with tough situations.
I was SO wrong.
When I first jumped into the world of teaching kids yoga, I was full of excitement and ideas. I thought my energy and knowledge of yoga would be enough to teach awesome and invigorating classes.
BUT I had no real experience in the classroom teaching a group of kids.
The kids had no idea who I was, they didn’t trust me, they got bored quickly, distracted, or said yoga was dumb.

I didn’t know how to manage a classroom or deal with big behaviors

One child threw a yoga mat out the window!
Seriously, a boy threw his yoga mat out of the window during one of my classes he was just SO DONE.

Over my first few years of teaching I experienced many horrifying scenes–kids running around the space uncontrollably, throwing chairs, swearing, and even hitting.

There were a lot more big behaviors and trauma responses than I was prepared to handle.
When I showed up ready for peaceful and fun yoga, they barged in with lots of little kid issues and deeply ingrained trauma that quickly escalated and I did not know how to reign in.
Not very zen and calm, and certainly not conducive to good learning.

I struggled to find consistently successful lesson plans

On top of the behavior issues, I was constantly struggling to come up with new lesson plans that I thought would help solve their issues.
I assumed that if I just had more interesting lessons that would motivate them, then I’d no longer have so many behavior problems.
I spent hours trying to find the right formula to consistently teach calm and fun kids yoga classes.
I found some good resources online, and I used them to varying degrees of success. Story-based yoga turned out to be pretty successful with some kids, but not consistently or with all grades.
This also made it hard to live up to my standard of teaching them mindfulness along with the yoga.

The way I was teaching was leading to burnout–FAST

Storytelling yoga was also very tiring!
Using my own body and energy to lead through kids stories for 5-8 classes per day was really draining.
Physically and mentally.
Plus, I didn’t feel like the kids had enough autonomy or investment in the yoga stories to keep them going for a long time.

I thought teaching them skills by just practicing the yoga and mindfulness would help them learn how to self regulate and manage bigger issues in life.

It turns out, just by doing yoga and mindfulness and following along, kids don’t automatically know how to apply the skills in real life situations.

They need more guidance, more practice with role playing and talking though scenarios. They need to understand the benefits and learn how to apply them, not just listen to me talk about them in a vague way.

upset boy laying on floor in classroom

I spent way too much money on lesson plans and books that were short term fixes

I tried buying individual lesson plans which were pretty good, but only worked for a lesson or two, and I had 25 classes a week!
That was not enough to solve my quickly ensuing burn-out.
It also was expensive and teachers do not have a whole lot of extra cash lying around, this I know.
Finally I started creating and using lessons based on books.
It turned out to be pretty effective for many of my classes as far as engaging, not too tiring for me, and easy to fit with a theme.
But I still had to do a lot of work to do:
  • get the right images
  • put the poses in the right order
  • find the book
  • invent an activity
  • combine it with some kind of mindfulness
  • put it all in a powerpoint
  • teach on repeat
It worked, but it wasn’t very cohesive, we didn’t have a set structure for every day, and it still took a LOT of time.
And most of all, it did NOT fix behavior issues.

I tried restructuring my class in a way that wasn’t authentic to me or my dreams for my students

I even tried changing the layout of my class, and the energy by making it a lot more like PE.
The kids LOVED their gym teacher and I tried to emulate that by changing the feel of my class.
We lined up in rows, we did warms up and had loud music, we played more games with balls.
But I quickly learned: It doesn’t work to try to be someone else, and yoga is not P.E.
I didn’t have the time or the energy to include mindfulness and breathing the way that I knew the kids needed. We were missing out on valuable time that could have been spent reflecting, noticing, being aware and taking much needed sensory breaks.
I needed a drastic change, for me AND my students.

What I learned was that I needed to overhaul HOW I was teaching, not just consistently change what I was teaching.

Flash forward six years:

Finally, I figured out the best formula for teaching kids yoga.

And for five years beyond that point I have been refining and adding to my skills.

It’s not just the things that I am teaching, it’s HOW I teach.
I have more consistent structure in my classes, but more room for adding in creativity from the students.
We practice mindfulness consistently and I have seen so much growth in their emotional awareness.
The themes that I use to create lessons are easily implementable for all ages of kids, which means I just make a few small tweaks to one lesson and it works for kids from ages 4 to 15.
I have learned and implemented the right language to use with my kiddos to create a space that is welcoming, consistently safe, and structured to help all kids learn and feel motivated.

Now my days teaching kids yoga are SO much more calm and zen.

  • I get to my school just a little early to set up any materials and make sure I feel calm and ready to teach. 
  •  We have a set schedule outline every day and for specific days of every week.
  • The kids know what to expect if they don’t behave, which sets up the whole class for success.
  • We integrate mindfulness into the lesson naturally, so it doesn’t feel forced and becomes part of our way of being.

We are learning and growing every day, with mindfulness, yoga flow, yoga games, stories, and relaxation!

Hi, I’m Maia

I’ve been a full-time kids yoga teacher in public schools for over 9 years, and an educator for over 14.

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you and help you set up your kids for success with kids’ yoga and mindfulness for calm and well-managed lives!

I’m also a grown-up yoga teacher 🙂

Here’s some of my relevant training!

  • RCYT 95 hour with Yoga Ed
  • ERYT-200 from Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center
  • Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Calm Levels 1-3
  • Kidding Around Yoga OKAY Teacher Training
  • Little Lotus Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • Street Yoga: Yoga for Kids from a Trauma-Informed Lens
  • Superstretch Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • Unstoppable Kids Yoga Teacher Training via the Baptiste Institute
  • Mindful Educator Essentials from Mindful Schools
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals from Mindful Schools
yoga for kids, Playful Poses
Yoga with Books
Yoga Storytelling
Games and Activities
Sequencing Yoga Flows
and more! mindfulness, How to Start
Teaching Classes
Breathing Techniques
Partner & Group Games
Language Tips
Activities and Crafts, behavior

What You’ll Learn

✔️In depth knowledge of the anatomy of poses and how to teach to kids of different ages

✔️How to set the tone and create the routines to be the best kids yoga teacher in any space you step into

✔️How to introduce mindfulness to kids and infuse lessons into everyday life

✔️How to teach and play over 25 different mindfulness based games with individuals or groups

✔️How to teach yoga lesson plans with books, storytelling adventures, or based on themes all with VIDEOS to reference

✔️Ways to playfully teach and integrate yoga poses into lessons or daily life with kids

✔️Rules and how-to-teach for over 30 different yoga games and 15 yoga and movement based songs

✔️Public school teacher based knowledge of classroom management tips and techniques

✔️How to teach yoga and mindfulness to toddlers

✔️How to teach from a trauma informed lens

✔️Tips and advice for teaching kids with autism and ADHD

✔️Resources for making your way in the professional world of being a kids yoga teacher

community powered engagement course, go at your own pace, lifetime access and updates

What You’ll Get Access To:

✔️Fully scripted lesson plans with pose images

✔️Guided imagery and relaxation scripts for kids

✔️Printable kids yoga games

✔️Breathing techniques cards for kids

✔️Mindfulness workbook for kids

✔️Storytelling lesson scripts

✔️Video examples of how to teach games to kids

✔️Video examples of movement and yoga-based songs for kids

✔️MORE lesson plans, images, meditation scripts and printable workbooks added along the way!

Printable resources, yoga pose cards, lesson plans, mindfulness workbook, posters, sequences, tips for all ages and needs, toddlers, preschool, school age to teens, kids with adhd and autism, trauma informed, chair yoga, and more! certification, 30 hours CEUs from Yoga Alliance, community powered engagement platform to keep you motivated and on track

All of this, plus the videos and resources in the community powered engagement platform would normally cost you $1200-3,500 in an in-person kids yoga teacher training!!!

But YOU get bundled access to all of this content at a discount, plus more, when you purchase the Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Certification!

Don’t just take it from me though, hear from others who have already gone through the course and begun to implement the strategies they’ve learned!

April is a kid’s yoga instructor who wanted to take the course to get some fresh ideas and new perspectives on teaching kids yoga and mindfulness.

Valesca has taken 4 other kid’s yoga teacher trainings, but found the Ultimate Kids’ Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training to be far superior and much more useful to her actual teaching than any other.

Marie is an elementary teacher who teaches yoga to her students weekly.

She also shared this feedback via email:

I was aware of the benefits of yoga and meditation on my own personal development, but I was looking for a fun and playful way to introduce those practices to my 9 years old son who was diagnosed with learning disorders – dyslexia but also dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorder. I was already familiar with Maia’s work and when she opened the Ultimate Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Course, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up. I was hoping to get some new ideas and tools that would suit my own kid. I have found in her course much more than what I was originally looking for. 

Of course, in her course, Maia explains how to introduce yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices in a way that is suitable for each age group but she also shares with an immense kindness and honesty advice that only years of experience could teach. Based on this experience, she put together a very impressive set of tools – yoga sequences and flows but also stories, games, crafts, etc. – as well as visual aids – posters, flash cards, templates.

However, what I am most grateful for is Maia’s beautiful energy that she shares with no limits. Weeks after weeks, after watching her videos or joining the zoom calls, I have realized that her kindness, her patience, her creativity and her love for both kids and yoga had infused me ! While supporting my son’s online schooling or just hanging out with him, I realised I was being more confident, patient and able to use positive reinforcement naturally. I became more aware of his needs and boundaries and was able to support him in a more understanding and empowering way. 

Today, my son may not be a fully accomplished yogi [yet] but I definitely feel like a supermom!


The Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Bundle isn’t just the modules and lessons though.

Your certification comes with these hugely beneficial BONUSES to help you become the best kids yoga teacher for the kids in your life!

The course and certification is just where it starts, the bonuses and community that come with it are where you can really start to see the impact of what you’ve learned, and how to take it to the next level – teaching and making this into your career (or building it in where you want)!

Exclusive Kumarah Kids' Empowered Educators Access

Access our ad-free private community to learn from and connect with other educators and professionals.  You'll get lesson plans we've created, tips and new ideas for classes and themes, and a safe space to ask questions and connect with others in the field!

Group Lesson Planning and Q&A Calls Monthly*

Hop on a group Zoom call with Maia and other members of the group twice a month and get a fresh new lesson plan each time, help with brainstorming solutions, hear real-life examples, get additional tips, and much more!
*First 3 months free*

Full-Length Videos of Maia Teaching Real Classes

Watch full-length videos of Maia teaching her own kids yoga classes at a public school, her full-time job! Pre-K through 8th-grade sample classes with various lesson plans are available. These are real classes with real behavior examples.
Over 25 additional printable resources in PDF format to use with your classes including:

Yoga board games
Game templates
Class planning templates
Mindfulness Breathing Cards
120+ Full-Size Yoga Pose Cards
ABC Yoga Pose Cards
Mindfulness teaching prompts
Mini Yoga Flow Sequences
10 fully scripted lesson plans with pose cards
Teaching prompts, attention signals, lists of themes
Mindfulness workbooks
and more!!

I absolutely LOVE this course. You have really provided so much information and so many valuable resources. It’s put together in such an easy to understand format. It blows away the other kid’s training I took by leaps and bounds and I wish my 200hr training was half as organized. Well worth every penny spent!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly an inspiration

Briana A., Educator

This course has it all! … It’s packed full of ready-to-use resources! It’s easy to follow and understand … I highly recommend this course, there is a lot of value to it!

Katie O., P.E. Teacher

I’ve been teaching yoga to kids since 2015 in a studio and in schools in the Montreal area, in Quebec, Canada. I’ve been following Kumarah Yoga and Mindfulness for almost 2 years now and I have always appreciated her down-to-earth tips and advice on how to teach yoga to kids in a way that is structured, close to reality, and easy to apply.

None of the 4 trainings I took before this one have taught me this much level of know-how and expertise. Most of the time, trainings give you the formula but not as much on how to apply the formula. I think that Maia has a huge advantage that few other kid’s yoga teachers have, since she is a school teacher and she knows what works with children in a school setting. I really recommend her teacher training. It is well structured, it is based on kids’ needs and it demonstrates her passion and authenticity.
Valesca, Kids’ Yoga Teacher

Watching your videos had an immediate impact on the way I create classes. Again, thanks a lot, the material and games (and the overall set-up) really helped me to think about the way I will teach yoga to children. I learned tons!

Dorit, Yoga Instructor

I really enjoyed the way you break down the poses, and explained why you would do one pose versus another pose, plus the benefits of the poses… the handouts are phenomenal as well. I love the lesson plans that are done for me with recommended poses too!

It’s allowing me to have a structure not only to work in groups but also with individual clients.

Christine R., Physical Therapist

Let me take a moment to tell you how awed I am about all of your work! You not only know yoga and classroom management, you also know technology. You are a superstar and you are clearly trying to make us superstars too! Your program is detailed, comprehensive, and filled with positivity. Your love shines, thank you, Maia”

Deblyn V. (Grandparent and Yogi)
I am so so grateful to have found this, and I can say it has been worth every penny and then some. I have done a few other online classes, and this is by far the most thoughtful, thorough one I’ve seen. So many others promise content but just end up throwing around a lot of common sense without actually giving details. (An example, I did one on sequencing and while it had a lot of nice worksheets to go along with the classes, I never felt like I was given much actual instruction and that I was mostly just printing worksheets and then staring at them without any idea what to do.)
You have been so detailed, with very workable REAL solutions to actual experiences in a kid’s class. I have taken extensive notes that will go with me everywhere, not just as a yoga instructor but also as a teacher in a classroom full of very diverse kids. You thought of everything, and it was put together in a very logical, easy to follow way.
Stacy P., Classroom Teacher and Kid’s Yoga Instructor
Are you ready to get certified to teach kids yoga and mindfulness without spending thousands of dollars?

Or, do you need community-powered support for more lesson ideas, mindfulness tips, and behavior management strategies for your current classes?

Either way, the Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification is for you!

Yes, I’m ready to join!

Payment options available!

Included in your Certification Course:

  • The Foundations of Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Course
  • Classroom Management and Engaging Classes Course
  • Certification Program
  • Yoga Sequencing and Flows for Kids Course
  • BONUS: Kumarah Kids Empowered Educators Community (lifetime access to discussion and conversation spaces of the community)
  • BONUS: 3 months FREE access to the Live Learning and Lesson Planning group calls, Expert Training calls, and bonus lesson plans created during these calls
  • BONUS: Real recorded lessons of Maia teaching actual classes (12+ full sample classes)
  • BONUS: 25+ printable and downloadable resources to make teaching your first classes a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ #1 Will I get instant access to all the materials?

Yes! As soon as you buy, you will be able to access everything in the courses. There will be additional materials added as they are created as well.

You will also have instant access to most of the spaces in the Empowered Educators community. The Bonus for the Live Learning and Lesson Planning spaces will be activated when you choose to use the coupon given to you in your welcome emails.

You will have access to the course and most of the community spaces as long as you need it and can log in from your computer or your phone with internet access.

FAQ #2 Is the course live or go at your own pace?

The course is go-at-your-own pace, so you can start whenever you like! There is NO deadline to complete the materials, and you can come back to them at any time.

There are also BONUS live Zoom calls that will be taking place monthly throughout the year that you can attend, ask questions, and get more advice and ideas.

*The course bonus gives you 3 months free to attend these live (you can start the 3 months whenever you want) and you can continue the extended membership afterwards if you choose.

If you can’t be at the live calls they will be recorded and added to the Empowered Educators community afterward along with the lesson plan that was created during the call if applicable.

FAQ #3 Do I get to download the lesson plans and kids’ yoga pose cards?

Yes! All the printables, templates, documents, and yoga cards will be available for you to download within the course, and again whenever you want. 

Over 100 kids’ yoga pose images, ready-made mindfulness scripts, fully scripted lesson plans, yoga games, mindfulness workbooks, and more are all available for download as part of the bonus.

FAQ #4 Who is this training for?

The course is designed for anyone who wants to teach kids yoga or mindfulness (or both!) to groups of kids. You can be a teacher in a school, a yoga teacher in a studio, a librarian, a social worker, a partner volunteer, ANYONE who works with kids!

There are also PLENTY of materials and ideas for parents who want to teach their kids yoga at home, and for social workers or teaching assistants who work with kids one on one.

Many of the activities work for small groups and pairs just as well as larger groups.

FAQ #5 Will I be certified to teach kids yoga?

Yes! Once you complete the course, videos, quizzes, and a few other small tasks, then you can submit a lesson plan and a video of yourself teaching. After that, I will set up a video call for you personalized feedback, coaching tips, and then will send you your certificate!

This will show that you completed a comprehensive and rigorous kids yoga training and completed the quizzes and teaching feedback with success. With this, you can go on to get professional liability insurance and start teaching out in the world. It is important to continue learning and growing professionally, but this certification will give you an excellent and comprehensive start.

If you have a RYT-200 and have registered with Yoga Alliance, you will also receive 30 continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance. This course does not (yet) qualify as a 95-hour RCYT course since it does not include required face to face “contact hours”. But if you already have a Yoga Alliance designation, you can easily add the required yearly continuing education credits you will receive for this course.

Additionally, most places where you will be teaching kids yoga DO NOT require you to have a kids yoga teacher license (RCYT-95), they just expect you to be well trained, have a clean background to work with kids, and have knowledge in yoga and mindfulness for kids (which this course will provide you with tons!).

FAQ #6 What age groups of kids is this teacher training geared towards?

The course materials are geared towards school aged kids, and there are modules specifically for toddlers, preschoolers, tweens, and teens! 

All of the lessons and tools will be applicable to the kids that you teach, with the help of the differentiation tools and behavior management techniques you will learn.

I currently teach kids ages 4 to 15, so I also have tons of experience and ideas for kids of any age. You can always hop on a group call and ask for specific ideas or lessons and I will always help you get there!

FAQ #7 Do I have to be a yoga teacher to take this course? What if I don’t know much about yoga?

That’s ok! I’ve had physical therapists, P.E. teachers, classroom teachers, and even librarians take the course with little to no yoga background.

I have intro to yoga videos and slides that will teach you what you need to know to successfully practice yoga and teach it to kids.

With the design of the course and the videos provided, you’ll begin to have a good understanding of how to do the poses and how to teach them effectively.

It’s perfectly ok not to be an expert yogi, as many children you teach will have varying levels of flexibility and strength as well. It’s good to show them you are learning too.

Yes, I’m ready to join!

Payment options available!

Don’t need the certification, but interested in the Empowered Educators community and Live Learning and Lesson Planning calls?

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