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Welcome to Kumarah Kid’s Yoga!

An all-in-one blog to learn about yoga, kid’s yoga, wellness, and wellbeing.  For you, your kids, your workplace, your life.

Kumarah is a Sanskrit word meaning “child”.  I chose this word for my blog primarily because I teach Kid’s Yoga at a public school, but also because I believe we are all kids at heart, and being a little child-like in our lives brings joy to our habits of well-being and health! And more joy means more learning, as well as longevity of health and habits.

Check out my blog, or go to the About page to learn more about how I started the blog and what I do to teach kids yoga every day. 

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Mindfulness Meditation Games for Toddlers

Want to know how to get toddlers to meditate or how to teach your toddler mindfulness? Or know if toddlers can even meditate? This is how I taught mindfulness meditation to my three-year-old! I'm happy to present this guest post written and submitted by Jamie...

Why You Shouldn’t Believe these 5 Myths of Teaching Yoga to Kids

I hear this all the time: oh you teach kid’s yoga? How fun! They must love it and be so calm and flexible! You must be really good at the splits by now, huh? Yeah, no. I go to yoga for myself every morning and I teach 5 kids yoga classes every day and I still can’t do...

Fun Kid’s Yoga Poses for St Patrick’s Day

Everybody loves the Irish! (Well, maybe not the English… But here in the States we love them) My kids at school especially love celebrating holidays. Any excuse to get a little silly and excited, right? And when it’s March in Minnesnowta and there is no sign of warmer...

Kids Yoga Sequences that Keep Kids Engaged

When teaching kids yoga, most of the time you want to get the kids moving and keep them active. You also want to give them time to relax, breathe, and feel calm.  Finding a balance between the two can be tricky when you are teaching little kids or very active and...

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