Bundle- Three sets of Kids Yoga Pose Cards (128 poses!)

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Grab all three sets of Full Size Kids Yoga pose cards, that’s 128 kids yoga poses!  These pose cards are beautiful images of a diverse set of kids with different skin tones, hair styles, head coverings, and clothing.

The pose names are clever and work great for kids of all ages. Many poses can be used for kids as young as 3 or 4, and more advanced poses are in the whole set for your older kids as well.

See product description for the exact poses you get in the bundle.

*Please note, this is a digital download and you will NOT receive a physical product in the mail.

Full sized, beautiful kids yoga cards! They come in 3 printable PDF’s of 128 total poses. Each pose card is a full-size page in a downloadable PDF and has a description of how to do the pose on the next page. You can print them full size, double-sided, or use Adobe Reader (a free app) to print them smaller.

The beautiful images have a diverse set of children, all with different colored skin tones, hairstyles, and even clothing. Perfect for use in a classroom, studio, or at home. Use them on your tablet or laptop, or print them out and laminate for long term fun and use.

Yoga Pose Cards are the perfect way to get kids interested in trying yoga and practicing different poses. They see the fun, relatable images and the kid-friendly names and language and can’t wait to play and try them out.

Yoga is an excellent way for kids to learn new movement skills, cross body regulation, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility, concentration, and spatial awareness. Use these Yoga Pose Cards to teach your kids yoga, learn new poses, and add to your current pose knowledge.

Each Pose Card also has two adjectives that describe the name or how you might feel while doing the posture. Use these for positive affirmations or language building skills with your kids!


Click on each of these sets to see the poses that you get in the bundle:

Set #1

Set # 2

Set # 3


*Please note, this is a digital download and you will NOT receive a physical product in the mail.


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