Kid’s Yoga Pose Cards for a Yoga Flow Sequence


Digital Yoga Cards for the Perfect Yoga Flow

Printable kids yoga pose cards with images and pose descriptions. Plus, get 12+ pages of tips for how to teach yoga to kids using a Yoga Flow sequence. You will receive 22 unique pose images and instructions in a PDF that are perfect for a unique kind of yoga sequence called a Yoga Flow. Try it with your kids or students today!


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Kids Yoga Pose Cards in a PDF format. Here is what you will receive:

  • 22 brand new pose images
  • the pose names for the Yoga Flow
  • a pose description for how to do each pose in kid-friendly language
  • 7 Steps to Start Teaching and Learning the Poses
  • Tips for Encouraging Your Kids’ Yoga Practice
  • BONUS: How to Teach a Yoga Flow in 5 Simple Steps
  • BONUS: Positive and Mindful Teaching Prompts

A Yoga Flow sequence can be used as a warm-up, the main lesson for a class, a morning routine, a brain break, a cooldown, or a relaxing routine before bedtime. The pose cards and images are completely unique to Kumarah Yoga,  so you will not find them anywhere else!

The entire downloadable PDF is over 50 pages of pose images, descriptions, and extra information on how to teach yoga to kids. You will also receive a slideshow PDF of just the pose images and descriptions. Plus, you get two bonus PDFs of “How to Teach a Yoga Flow in 5 Simple Steps”, and “Positive and Mindful Teaching Prompts!”

*Please note, this is a digitally downloadable product. You will receive access to the download immediately upon purchase. You will not receive a physical product in the mail.*


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