ABC Kids Yoga Pose Cards

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Digital kids yoga cards with a different animal for every letter of the alphabet!

Use these adorable printable kids yoga pose cards to practice the letters of the alphabet, try fun yoga poses, and learn about different animals. Creative and fun yoga poses for kids!

Each pose card has:

  • The letter and animal name
  • A beautiful image of a child doing the yoga pose
  • An image of the animal
  • One mantra or positive affirmation to use or say while you try the pose
  • Description of how to do the pose safely

The full set of cards is 55 pages in a PDF document. Digital download only, you will not receive a physical product in the mail.

Beautiful Digital Animal ABC Yoga Poses for Kids

Use these adorable kids’ yoga poses with kids of all ages to learn new yoga poses! You can practice the ABCs, learn about animals, and try some fun yoga poses for kids at the same time.

Printable kids yoga pose cards are a great way to learn yoga and get some added movement and exercise in your day. Kumarah’s Animal ABC Poses are a fun and creative way to teach kids yoga and get them excited about doing yoga with you at home or at school.

Each pose card has an adorable illustrated child doing the yoga pose, a picture of the animal, the letter and animal name, and a positive mantra or affirmation to say with your child. On the back (when printed double-sided) is the directions for how to do the pose safely, written in kid-friendly language.

While learning the yoga poses, you can also practice literacy skills with the letter and sound recognition for younger kids. What other worlds or animals start with that letter?

 For older kids, learn more about the animals and their habitat. Where in the world do the animals live? What do their homes look like? What are the baby animals called?

Play and have fun with your kids or students while trying new yoga poses. You can use these poses on their own, or play some yoga games for kids using yoga cards. 

Print out the cards single-sided and shuffle them upside down to play Yoga Memory and find the matching pose and description.  You can also print them double-sided and then laminate them for longer-lasting durability.

Have fun with these adorable ABC kids yoga pose cards today! 


1 review for ABC Kids Yoga Pose Cards

  1. Hope (verified owner)

    I was teaching yoga at a Summer camp and these cards were SO helpful! From age 6-12 – everyone loved them, and it made teaching feel so much easier as it gave kids some autonomy to learn from the cards and not just staring at a teacher all day. Definitely suggest these for any kids yoga class!

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