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Kids Yoga Lesson Plans & Mindfulness Training


Yoga for kids is a fun and engaging way for children to enjoy the benefits of yoga. It often involves playful poses, breathing exercises, and activities designed to foster mindfulness and physical fitness.

Yes, children can safely practice yoga! It's a great way for them to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness, all under professional guidance that ensures their safety.

Mindfulness for kids focuses on teaching them to be present at the moment, to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, and to manage emotions and stress through various techniques, including breathing and meditation.

Begin by getting trained in kids yoga and mindfulness. Our training provides you with the necessary skills to teach engaging and age-appropriate yoga classes to kids.

Yes, the Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training is entirely self-paced and online, making it convenient for you to learn according to your schedule.

Our training covers various strategies to keep children engaged, including interactive games, storytelling with poses, and creative activities that incorporate yoga and mindfulness. Or, try a Yoga Flow, and some active games to keep kids interested!

We offer a plethora of fun games specifically designed for kids yoga. These range from ‘Yoga Simon Says' to ‘Around the World Yoga,' and much more, which you'll learn in our training. Check out these posts for more information as well.

Absolutely! Our Empowered Educators community includes live video calls twice a month focused on lesson planning and providing additional support for your queries. Sign up and join a call this month!

By completing our 30-hour Ultimate Kids Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training, you'll be fully equipped with the skills and certification to teach kids yoga and mindfulness effectively.

Yes, we offer community resources for parents, teachers, and yoga teachers that include lesson plans, tips for integrating yoga and mindfulness into daily routines, and supportive materials for nurturing a child's mind-body connection. You can also take the teacher training program.

Definitely. The training is beneficial for physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, social workers, and anyone involved in child development and education.

If you’ve signed up for the free resources library here, you’ll have received an email with the link to the Free Resources Library and the password to enter. Check your email and spam folders, and reach out if you still can’t find it.

The video learning resources and community all live on the Empowered Educators community, which is hosted by Circle here. You can log in with your email and password that you set when you signed up. There’s also an app for Circle that you can download in the app store or on Google Play.

If you purchased an individual lesson plan or the kids yoga games bundle from the shop, your downloadable PDF was sent to you via email and there is no need to log in anywhere. Just find the email receipt and click the link in the right hand column with the name of the product you purchased.