What is Kumarah Yoga?

It’s my very own personal project to share what I’ve learned with others in the hardest job I’ve ever had: teaching kids yoga.

No doubt, it has been the most rewarding and incredibly fun journey I have ever taken as well. It just took a lot of work to get here!

Kid’s yoga is a wonderful opportunity to help teach kids many important life skills. When you teach and practice yoga with kids you are helping them:

  • learn a healthy way to exercise
  • stretch muscles
  • strengthen muscles
  • practice coordination
  • maintain balance
  • develop body awareness
  • increase confidence and build a positive self-image
  • practice mindfulness and learn how to calm down
  • learn how to breathe in a healthy way to reduce stress

But in order to get those benefits, the kids have to actually DO yoga, learn the poses, practice breathing, stay in the room, listen to directions, not get hurt, understand why it’s good for them, learn how to try again, work with others, and much more.


Have you tried teaching yoga to kids?

It’s a lot. It’s a lot to teach them, and it’s not easy.

Classrooms can be a difficult place to be if you’re not a fully trained educator (and even if you are!).

Teaching yoga to kids is hard in any space since kids are really hard to predict and can have different levels of energy on different days or even within the span of a half hour.

This is why I created Kumarah Yoga. A place where you can come and find all that you need to get started teaching yoga to kids, learn about how to guide them in mindfulness, and also get some self-care and wellness tips for yourself.

Check out my story below, or keep scrolling to find out how I can help YOU become an amazing kids yoga teacher (or influencer), no matter who’s kids you are teaching.


I started teaching kids yoga at a preschool for about a year.

I taught toddlers, preschool, pre-kindergarten and school-age kids. It was only about one class a week, but it was a great introduction to teaching kids yoga and I learned a lot. I also taught yoga for adults at that time and learned a lot from that too!

A year later I took a month to travel to Kenya with a good friend who had started an NGO for people with physical disabilities in a small town in Western Kenya. She invited me to come teach yoga classes to these wonderful folks. While I was there I taught kid’s yoga at various schools to kids with disabilities, to kids at an orphanage, and in the village center.  It was amazing!

When I came back to Minnesota I was offered a full-time job teaching yoga at a public charter school in south Minneapolis.

It felt like a huge leap, but I knew I could do it.

It was hard!  I taught five classes a day, kindergarten through 4th grade. The kids were wild, didn’t listen, didn’t want to do yoga, had no interest in me, and I cried almost every day for a year.

But I stuck it out. I learned from the students, from other teachers, and from the very few kid’s yoga blogs on the internet that I could find with any useful information.

I bought any books and tools I could find to help me, I took more kid’s teacher training programs, and I found a mindfulness course online.

All of this helped, and every year I have decided to go back and do it again because of the amazing reward of finally feeling successful at teaching kids yoga.

I still make mistakes, I still struggle from time to time, but I am also still learning. And I am really loving my venture into blogging as well because I am re-learning what it took to become a good teacher.

This is where YOU come in again. 

Teaching is hard. Whether it’s to a classroom full of kids, to a yoga studio class, to your kids in your own backyard or to your great aunt Helga.

And I’ve got resources to help you out.  If you are new to Kumarah Yoga, check out these most popular posts to start:

The Resources Page is a perfect place to go for the most essential tools I use in my classroom every day to teach calming, yoga-centered classes to my students. You need to start there, too!

And if you are really ready to dive in and get access to some great FREE yoga lesson plans, click the image below!  I’ll send you some scripted, detailed lesson plans ready for various ages of kids.

I’ve got exclusive content that I send out after posting new articles, and lots of freebies: games, kid’s yoga images for lesson plans, and cheat sheets for teaching.

Grab your access now! Plus, you can email me for advice and with specific questions you have. I will respond and often send you more free stuff 😉 

So, now??

I am STILL a full-time Children’s Yoga teacher at a public charter school in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I didn’t know it would lead to a life of real happiness and joy in teaching something that I care so deeply about–mindfulness and wellness through Yoga. I have grown so much as a person through teaching at a school with young students going through real-life struggles on a daily basis.

I have learned about teaching with an equity mindset, and have through that learned more about my own path towards becoming an advocate for social justice and equity for all.

Join me on my unending journey! Reach out, contribute, correct my mistakes, and grow with me.