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I don’t know if you have seen this yet, but the most adorable new yoga tool on the market is even better than before.

Meddy Teddy is a bendable, sturdy, and soft teddy bear that can do yoga!

The first version that I got, last fall, was really cute and such a huge hit in my classes.

When I found out they were releasing a NEWER version that could stand and balance on his own, I was ecstatic! 

I finally ordered us a Meddy Teddy 2.0 and we named her Betty Teddy.

She stands up on her own!

(most of the time).

I also got a couple of the adorable outfits they have on their page because WHY NOT ?

My kids have become super motivated to do more yoga in my class now that Meddy and Betty are a permanent part of the team.


Here’s how we use Meddy Teddy in the classroom.

During mindfulness breathing

Meddy sits up in a calm seated position with his paws on his knees and eyes gently closed. With his soft smile, he reminds kids to just breathe and be.

Sometimes he sits in the middle of the circle so everyone can see him. Sometimes he chooses to sit with another student who is so calm. Yes, this motivates them to be calm and I definitely use it to our advantage.

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Demonstration of a new pose (or a focus pose)

Meddy likes to show off his balancing skills and flexibility. If there is a particular pose we are going to work on during our Yoga Flow, he can show us all how to get into the pose and the proper alignment.

Then, we do the Flow while Meddy holds down that one pose. We get excited when we get there and match him in the pose! 

It keeps everyone paying attention and the buildup of anticipation is huge.

As a helper during yoga centers

My classes have about 10-15 minutes of independent choice time every other day where they get to choose a yoga tool and work on their mat by themselves or with one other person.

They can choose a yoga book, yoga cards, a yoga board game, or choose to make up their own poses.

Meddy likes to visit kids who are working hard on their poses and holding them for at least 10 “Mississippi’s” (or 10 slow breaths).  If they get Meddy to work with them, they then get to choose who he visits next, after about 5 minutes.

I do have to be very careful to keep track of who uses Meddy each time so that everyone gets a chance in the end. I will also work with kids who need that extra person with them to keep going so that Meddy has a legitimate reason to visit them. 🙂 

A buddy during Savasana

Meddy Teddy has that quiet, calm demeanor and loves resting pose at the end of class. He is a great model for showing what Savasana looks (and sounds) like.  Sometimes if he noticed someone doing an extra great job, he will rest next to them on their mat during savasana.

All the other kids still get beanie babies as their resting buddy if they are quiet and still, but having Meddy with them is extra special.  I usually reserve this privilege for kids who have made an excellent comeback from trickier behavior earlier in the week, or for kids that have been ill or injured.

But it is a nice motivator from time to time.

As you maybe can tell, Meddy Teddy is definitely one of my favorite tools to use in my kid’s yoga classes.  Get yours today for 15% off with my special discount using this link!  (I get a percentage off my next order too if you use it!)

His two books are excellent companion purchases as well, here they are on Amazon: