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I got an email from a subscriber recently asking for some ideas for the game, “Yogi Says.”

Now, I did not invent this game, either the “Simon says” version or the newer adapted version of Yogi Says…

But I do enjoy the game and I have played it quite a bit with my students.

And I’ve got lots of ideas for these games, my dears.

Here’s why we love Yogi Says

  • Yogi Says is fun for kids!
  • It’s easy to do in 2 minutes or less
  • Most kids know how to play already
  • It’s competitive in a way that doesn’t make kids cry
  • It builds mindful listening skills


They really like having leadership opportunities, so feel free to let them lead the game once you’ve played it a few times. Especially at ages 7 and up.

Before that, they may be a bit forgetful and not as able to remember what poses or actions they can do.

The best way to set up this game for your students or children is for you to start as the leader, or yogi.

Tell kids they have to do what you do, but ONLY if “Yogi Says.”  Then you proceed to say either “Yogi says _______ (action word).”  Or just say ” _______ (action word).”

If you don’t say “Yogi Says,” first, then the students who did the action are “out.”   

BUT they don’t have to sit down. It’s better if you just go “Oohhhh, I got you!”  or “Oops! Yogi didn’t say!!!” and then let them stay standing. At least for the first few rounds and until they get really good at it.

Keep the pace of the game moving.

Use the list I am including below to get these ideas in your head and just roll through them really quickly.  Kids like when things are fast paced.

Check out this post on Active Kid’s Classes for more on how to teach to active kids and set up classroom behavior expectations.

Let them be leaders once they know LOTS of poses and actions

Plenty of kids will LOVE to be chosen as the leader of the game. Some kids, depending on their age, may be a little shy, or forgetful, or not as quick to think of new things. But they are cute and they come up with good stuff!

And they REALLY listen to each other well. Usually better than they listen to me. *shrug* Also, make sure to remind them to:

Make sure they keep their bodies in their own space or on their own yoga mat

That should be a rule all the time but it’s good to remind them again before a fast-paced game like this one. Here are a few more games I like to play with kiddos at my school!


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    Ok, here are the prompts for Yogi Says! Enjoy 🙂

    Yogi says…

    1. Tree Pose
    2. Frog hops
    3. Warrior 1
    4. Hop on your right/left foot
    5. Pat your head
    6. Reach for the stars
    7. Chair Pose
    8. Shrug your shoulders
    9. Warrior 2
    10. Roll your shoulders
    11. Cobra Pose
    12. Move like a robot
    13. Rub your ears
    14. Turn around
    15. Dancer Pose
    16. Shake your right/left leg
    17. Low Lunge
    18. Click your heels
    19. Wobbly knees
    20. Forward Fold
    21. Warrior 3
    22. High Plank
    23. Run in place
    24. Wiggle your arms
    25. Scrunch your nose
    26. Downward dog
    27. Stomp your feet
    28. Raise your right/left hand
    29. Shake your hips
    30. Thumbs up
    31. Surfer Pose
    32. Star Pose
    33. One foot up!
    34. Airplane Pose
    35. Bunny hops
    36. Show your teeth
    37. Shark Pose
    38. Swim in place
    39. Touch your elbows
    40. Wave at a friend
    41. Wiggle your eyebrows
    42. Triangle Pose
    43. Give yourself a hug
    44. Twist at your waist
    45. Pretend to climb stairs
    46. Eagle Pose
    47. Balance on your toes
    48. Make a silly face
    49. March in place
    50. Circle your arms

    Enjoy!! What other poses and movements have you done with kiddos?

    With more space, you can definitely add in more action movements, and animal movements. Those are always a big hit. Especially for kids 7 and under.

    Have fun and keep doing yoga.


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