It's time to roll out those yoga mats, breathe in the crisp autumn air, and dive into the magic of fall-themed kids yoga and mindfulness.

As the leaves change colors and the air turns cooler, there's no better way to embrace the spirit of the season than through these fun and engaging activities that'll have your kiddos falling in love with yoga and mindfulness. (Yes, I did that ๐Ÿ˜…)

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Setting the Stage for Fall-Themed Kids Yoga and Mindfulness

Before we jump into the yoga poses and mindfulness activities, let's set the stage for our fall adventure.

Imagine the scent of apple cider in the air, the sound of crunching leaves beneath your feet, and the sight of vibrant, fiery foliage all around you. That's the backdrop for our fall yoga journey, where nature's beauty becomes the perfect canvas for your child's imagination.

In fact, storytelling is a wonderful way to teach kids yoga. Set the scene, then take them through a yoga storytelling adventure with movement, poses, characters and more.

Here are some great tips for teaching yoga storytelling adventures

The Benefits of Incorporating Seasonal Themes

Why bring the fall season into your kids' yoga and mindfulness practice, you ask? Well, it's not just about pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters.

Incorporating seasonal themes into these activities helps children connect with the world around them and instills a sense of wonder and gratitude. It's a chance to teach them about the beauty of change and the importance of letting go, just like the falling leaves.

Themed yoga is a perfect way to help kids feel connected to the practice, to feel included and get engaged with something they can relate to.

Plus, it's a whole lot of fun!

Here's a whole list of awesome themes for teaching kids yoga.

Fall-Themed Yoga Poses

“Autumn Tree” Pose: Stand tall, and sway like the branches of a fall tree in the wind. Feel the strength in your roots and the grace in your movements.

tree pose for kids, kids yoga poses, yoga at home with kids

“Harvest Moon” Pose: Start in upward mountain with your palms together over your head. Reach up and over to one side to make a crescent shape like the moon! Repeat on the other side.

“Falling Leaves” Pose: Practice forward folds, letting your arms dangle like falling leaves. Pretend you're floating gently to the ground. OR start in Star pose, and rock gently side to side, coming to balance on each foot for a moment or two before going the other way. It's very soothing.

falling star pose, shooting star yoga pose for kids

“Pumpkin Seed” Pose: Curl up into a restorative child's pose, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. It's like a cozy cocoon ready to burst into something wonderful.

Childs pose yoga for kids, girl sitting on her knees with her head resting on the floor and arms reaching over her head on the ground

“Apple” Pose: Sit on your bottom with your knees pulled into your chest and your head down. Rock back and forth like a ripe apple that has fallen to the ground!

“Basket” Pose: Start in Butterfly Pose to gather up all the apples you collected and put them into your basket between your knees. Then, put your arms under your claves, lean back slightly and lift your feet to balance on your sit bones! Carry your basket to the barn!

butterfly pose

“Scarecrow” Pose: Eagle pose legs (one wrapped up over the other), but then reach your arms out to the sides like a scarecrow. Stay still and steady until a crow comes, then flap your arms!

“Geese in a ‘V'” Pose: Make an upside “V” shape with your body by doing Downward facing dog pose! Pretend to be the lead goose and make some awesome geese sounds.

down dog pose for kids, yoga at home with kids

“Migrating birds” Pose: Stand on one foot and reach your arms out to the side like wings. Slowly lift your foot directly behind you like a bird!

kid doing warrior three pose, yoga pose for kids, yoga at home with kids

Yoga Games with a Fall Twist

  1. “Apple Picking at the Orchard”: Turn your yoga session into a balance and coordination game! Have the kids spread out and put buckets at random amongst them. While they balance in tree pose, their goal is to toss as many bean bags (apples) into the buckets as they can. Assign a few kids to run from bucket to bucket and collect the “apples” every few minutes.
  2. “Harvest Yoga Charades”: Kids act out fall-themed yoga poses, Halloween characters, and their peers guess what they're mimicking. It's like a game of yoga-themed charades. It always helps to have some ideas written on pieces of paper in a bucket so they can choose them at random. Here's an adorable free Halloween charades printable for you to use!
  3. “Autumn Animals”: Pretend to be forest animals like squirrels, bears, owls, and foxes. Teach them how each animals moves differently. Then instruct them move around the room to designated spots and give them a “job” to do to prepare for winter. Clean up an area. Gather food for their winter. “Bury” or hide that food to save for later. Prepare a soft quiet place to rest. And snuggle up for winter! No talking though- they are animals!

Mindfulness Activities Inspired by Fall

  1. Sensory Walk: Take a mindful walk outdoors, noticing the sights, sounds, and smells of autumn. Encourage your little ones to truly soak in the magic of the season.
  2. Fall Leaf Breathing: Use fall leaves as props for deep breathing exercises. Inhale the crisp air, and exhale with the calmness of falling leaves.
  3. Gratitude Circle: Gather in a circle and take turns sharing what each child is grateful for during the fall season. It's a heartwarming way to teach gratitude and connection. Here's a whole yoga lesson on gratitude for more inspiration!
  4. Fall Themed Sensory Bottle: Get creative and crafty with this fun fall sensory bottle for your little ones.
  5. Autumn Colors Calming Jar: Make an autumn themed mindfulness calm down jar! Choose colors that feel autumnal and add in small plastic leaf shaped beads.
  6. Fall themed coloring and stories: Try some fall themed coloring pages with cute stories to help their minds stay engaged.

Seasonal Crafts and Journaling

  1. “Nature Mandala”: Create mandalas using fall leaves, acorns, and pinecones collected during outdoor activities. It's a beautiful way to connect with nature's artistry.
  2. “Fall Yoga Journal”: Encourage kids to express their thoughts and feelings about fall-themed yoga and mindfulness experiences through writing and drawing. Their journals will become cherished keepsakes.

Check out these other mindfulness crafts and activities for kids.

Partner and Group Activities

  1. “Fall Yoga Train”: Link arms to form a train while practicing synchronized yoga movements. Chug along like the little engine that could, spreading positivity and togetherness.
  2. “Apple Orchard Stretch”: Partner up to stretch and reach for imaginary apples on the trees scattered around the room (with their branches up high!). It's a delightful way to boost flexibility and teamwork.

Guided Visualization

“The Journey of a Falling Leaf”: Embark on a guided visualization of a leaf's journey from a tree to the ground. It's a mesmerizing story that brings nature's cycle to life. Enter your deets here to get the free PDF download!

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    Reflecting on the Seasonal Changes

    As your kids wind down from their fall-themed yoga and mindfulness adventures, take a moment to discuss the beauty of autumn and the significance of letting go, just like the falling leaves. Encourage them to share their favorite fall memories and experiences, fostering connection and self-awareness.

    Embracing the Magic of Fall Through Yoga and Mindfulness

    In conclusion, fall-themed kids yoga and mindfulness activities are a fantastic way to connect with the season's magic. These activities foster connection, gratitude, and self-awareness in children while making learning fun and memorable.

    So, let's keep the spirit of fall alive all year round by encouraging our little ones to explore, create, and embrace the wonders of yoga and mindfulness. Happy Fall, everyone!


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