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Everyone knows how important it is to get up and move when you’ve been sitting.

Not only for adults, but also for children in schools.

Sitting at desks all day is hard on our kiddos. Even sitting on the floor or in seats of their choice, they still need to get up and get some movement.

Vestibular movement, moving in a way that stimulates the vestibular system, is one excellent way to incorporate movement into the day, either as breaks from learning, at scheduled times, in PE class or during morning meeting. 


It’s super important to stimulate the vestibular system because it helps us with many things:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Muscle tone
  • Visual tracking
  • Integration of auditory and visual senses

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Brain breaks help the two sides of the brain connect, and in doing so, help train your body and brain to work together.

Here are some simple brain breaks that get kids up and moving and are especially good for vestibular movement.



Washer: stand with feet hip distance apart, arms bent, elbows at your sides. Bend your knees slightly, and rotate your torso side to side, like a washing machine doing up some clothes.

Dryer:  Either spin your fists around one another like punching a boxing bag while blowing on your hands, OR  bend at the hips to “pick up clothes” and “hang them” high above your head on the line to dry

Sun Salutation

A basic yoga sun salutation is great for helping the core and balance. Reach up high for mountain, then bend into forward fold. Plant your hands and step back into plank.  Lower down, then lift the torso for cobra. Breathe in and out, then press back into down dog. Step forward again to forward fold, then reach back up high to mountain.


Zap finger find with a friend

Stand back to back with a friend. One person is the zapper first, putting their finger somewhere to the side either up or down, and the other person needs to find the finger and “zap” it with their own.  Switch after 5-10 zaps, switching hands as well.

Pass ball over/under with friend

Stand back to back (not quite touching) with a friend with your feet slightly wider than hip distance. One person passes the ball over their heads to the receiver, who takes the ball and passes it between their legs.  Keep passing it the same direction, then go the other way.

Windmill arms

Stand with feet wide.  Reach up in star pose, then reach one hand down to the opposite foot. Come back up to star pose, then reach the other hand to the other foot.

    Boat hand and foot crossover

    This is another cross body hand to foot action but done in boat pose. Reach your hands up above your head while balancing on your sitz bones, then reach for your opposite knee or foot. Great for core strength and coordination. Try it with legs straight.

    Tippy toes and heel balance

    Balancing alternatively on your toes and then your heels is good for balance practice, core strength, and foot articulation. I find that kids move their hands at the same time which is cute to point out.

    Cross crawls (or knee bumps, as my kids call them)

    This one is great for kids of any age. Start marching with high knees, but touch your elbow to your opposite knee and then the other side. Try to reach your foot for an extra challenge.

    Dinosaur, Dinosaur

    Reach down and grab your ankles and act out the actions to this poem while you’re doing the poem. Keep your hands on your ankles for the first two, and then again for the last two.

    Dinosaur, dinosaur turn around

    Dinosaur, dinosaur stomp the ground

    Dinosaur, dinosaur show your claws

    Dinosaur, dinosaur chomp your jaws

    Dinosaur, dinosaur turn around

    Dinosaur, dinosaur sit back down

    Spin jumps

    Point out a few key objects in different directions of the classroom that the kids will need to spin and jump to face when you call it out. Examples: clock, door, windows, poster, etc. Tell them to jump with the feet slightly apart, both feet at the same time, almost like a snowboarder.


    Enjoy these brains and body breaks with your kids or students! Let me know of any others you have tried and enjoyed.

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