Crystals Kids Can Use for Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga can teach children essential skills for their development, such as physical flexibility, emotional regulation, increased awareness of their body and the present moment, improved focus and memory, and healthy self-esteem.

And if your kids are naturally drawn to gemstones or are open and curious about them, you can easily combine their yoga practice with healing crystals.

Crystals and gemstones make a great addition to any kids yoga class to support their learning and enhance positive energies.

Each crystal has unique vibrations; some carry gentle, soothing energies that might help children calm down and focus during yoga, while others boost energy and vitalize the body.

Plus, crystals and gemstones come in various colors, shapes, and textures; kids can find them fascinating and fun to have around. They are also simple to use. 

Give your kid a crystal pendant to wear while doing yoga, or have a crystal tower near his yoga mat. That way, your little one’s energy will get infused with the healing energy of the chosen gemstone.

Have a chat with your child and see which of the following crystals you would like to choose together for their yoga practice.

The Best Crystals and Gems to Choose for Your Kids Yoga Class

Rose Quartz

This is a great crystal for kid’s yoga as it carries kind and soft energies. Rose Quartz is popular for its vibes that support self-love and compassion. Its loving energy will soothe your child’s emotions and teach them unconditional love.

And if you see your kid struggling with frustration or perfectionism when doing yoga poses, know that Rose Quartz can help them be less harsh and more forgiving with themselves.

This pink crystal’s energy can support your child’s emotional regulation learning process and can calm hyperactivity and restlessness.


Another soothing and gentle crystal, Amethyst, is great for both adults and kids who practice yoga. It has powerful healing properties for the mind and the soul and helps kids release tension in the body during yoga.

Have Amethyst close to your kid when practicing yoga to dispel anxiety, fear, sadness, rage, and any kind of negative thoughts and energy. This gorgeous purple crystal can also improve your child’s intuition and support bones and joints’ health.

To ensure Amethyst’s power and energy are ready to support your little one’s yoga session, you can cleanse the stone with burning white sage or palo santo and restore it to its natural state.


Children might need Hematite for their yoga due to the stone’s grounding and balancing energy.

Hematite harmonizes the body-mind connection and improves awareness of the present moment. Your kid will be able to focus on their breathing technique, posture, and balance when their energy is infused with a Hematite stone.

And while keeping the mind calm, Hematite also improves and strengthens courage if your little yogi is shy or hesitant with his practice. The crystal reduces worry, boosts confidence, and keeps the mind open for new experiences.


Rhodonite is a great asset for your kids’ yoga practice, especially if they lose their patience quickly. It will help your kids calm their monkey minds and learn patience.

This crystal encourages affection, self-worth, and self-love and helps kids take on the challenges they can face when practicing yoga (such as lack of patience, focus, and tiredness).

And if your little one does yoga with other kids, Rhodonite’s energy will help everyone develop a healthy connection, be mutually respectful, and get along well. 


This yellow and sunny crystal emanates joy and vitality. And because it’s important to keep the yoga practice fun and positive, you can place Citrine nearby the yoga mat or have your kid wear it as a bracelet.

Besides encouraging a positive attitude and mood, Citrine will strengthen your child’s confidence in his/her moves and improve emotional expression and creativity. 

Citrine activates and heals the energy in the Solar Plexus chakra and can lift the mood and encourage strong willpower and independence as a yogi. It’s a stone that is safe to wear outside of the yoga practice as well if your child is attracted to it.


This crystal, also known as the Stone of Truth, is a tool kids can use for yoga to develop their individuality and uniqueness.

Sodalite helps children with self-expression without worries or hesitation, and its energy will support their efforts in experimenting with yoga and finding what they like.

It is also said that Sodalite can act as a protective crystal for empaths or hypersensitive children. So if your kid breaks focus easily due to distraction from external stimuli or he/her is affected by the energy of the other kids in the yoga group, Sodalite will stabilize the mind and help with feeling calm even in an overwhelming situation.


This crystal will bring your kids motivation and endurance. It will infuse the atmosphere with a strong energy that will boost courage and, at the same time, will destress and ground the mind in the present. 

Due to its amazing vitality and positive energy, Carnelian is great to have around while doing yoga. A Carnelian tower generator will be more effective than smaller crystal pieces, and its warm and joyous hues will lift your children’s moods.

Let Carnelian teach your kids how to self-motivate to keep practicing yoga and how to enjoy their achievements. This will slowly but surely build up their confidence and their skill of having healthy habits in their lives.

Green Opal

If your child usually struggles with anxiety, insecurity, or fear, then you might want to support her/his yoga practice with the wonderful energy of Green Opal. This crystal is all about harmony and rejuvenating energy. 

It is a stone great for the heart; it heals emotional wounds and fosters divine love. If it’s placed near your little yogi, it will cleanse his/her physical body and dispel intrusive thoughts. 

Green Opal might resonate with your child better if they are inclined to spirituality, love to practice yoga outdoors, feel closer to nature, and are interested in other living beings. 

Cleanse the crystals and the space

If you want to ensure no unwanted energy will interfere with your children’s yoga sessions, you might want to cleanse away the bad vibes. You can start by cleansing the crystals your kids want to use in the class, then prepare the space where they will do yoga.

Crystals tend to absorb and retain energy from their environment, and that energy is not always helpful for your children.

To cleanse the gems and restore them to their initial state, you can use various cleaning methods, such as burying them in a pot of soil or leaving them under the moon’s light over the night.

To cleanse the yoga space, you can burn a white sage stick with dried herbs (lavender, chamomile, rose petals) and a plate to catch the ashes. If it is convenient, you can smudge your room and crystals to cleanse them simultaneously. 

When cleansing the crystals and the yoga space, the most important thing is to set and visualize your intentions. But it is just as important to keep a window open during the cleansing process.

About the author:

Xenia Mateiu is the founder and owner of Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad, California, a gift shop specializing in gemstones, crystals, geodes, and many locally sourced handcrafted products. Xenia practices mindfulness and loves to share her interest, knowledge, and passion for crystals with other curious and open people.

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