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Welcome to Kumarah Kid’s Yoga!

An all-in-one blog to learn about yoga, kid’s yoga, wellness, and wellbeing.  For you, your kids, your workplace, your life.

Kumarah is a Sanskrit word meaning “child”.  I chose this word for my blog primarily because I teach Kid’s Yoga at a public school, but also because I believe we are all kids at heart, and being a little child-like in our lives brings joy to our habits of well-being and health! And more joy means more learning, as well as longevity of health and habits.

Check out my blog, or go to the About page to learn more about how I started the blog and what I do to teach kids yoga every day. 

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How to Start Teaching Yoga to Kids

Want to start teaching yoga to kids?  How do you start?   Teaching yoga to kids has not always been a lifelong dream of mine. It was something that I kind of fell into on accident. I always knew I loved working with kids, but I also knew that I didn't want to be...

Must-Have Favorite Yoga Books for Teaching Yoga to Kids

Yoga books are a new and popular way to help introduce yoga to kids. I love using yoga stories in school, in my classroom, and at home with my nephew. Having an adorable and succinct story to teach kids how to do poses is a great way to introduce or spark an interest...

Enticing Partner Games that Teach Mindfulness for Kids

Teaching mindfulness to kids doesn’t have to be to just boring sitting still and breathing. In fact, mindfulness should be engaging and fun for kids to get excited about it. It should feel like it’s something they can relate to. I have taught mindfulness to kids at my...

How to Make a Mindfulness Glitter Calm Down Jar

Calm down! Be quiet! Relax! Kids are constantly loud and noisy this is normal. It's nice to able to help them calm down with things other than your voice from time to time too. I teach yoga and mindfulness to kids in a charter school, and... we often have moments that...

How to Use Easy and Calming Guided Imagery with Kids

Kids need a break sometimes. So does everyone, really.  But it’s super important for kids in school especially and kids who need a little extra reminder to feel calm and relax. It can also be super useful for kids who have a hard time falling asleep. Guided imagery is...

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