Yoga Literacy Lesson – My Many Colored Days


Kids Story Yoga lesson plan to go with the book, My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss.

A fully scripted yoga lesson plan in digital PDF format for kids with:

  • 20 full-sized yoga poses and descriptions
  • Introduction
  • Warm-ups
  • Breathing/mindfulness activity
  • Opening questions
  • 10 full pages of color-centered information (songs, scents, chakras, poses!)
  • Guided meditation
  • Writing and drawing prompts
  • Art activity
  • Teaching tips

Kids literacy-focused yoga lesson plan for talking about feelings and emotions to go with the book, My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. Everything you need to teach a 30-60 min kids yoga lesson to children ages 5-13!


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Do you talk to your students about emotions?  You need this lesson to accompany the popular book, My Many Colored Days. This full kids yoga lesson is a literacy yoga lesson with a focus on feelings and emotions, colors, music, scents, and even the chakras. It is meant to be taught along with the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. The book is not included, nor is the lesson plan affiliated with the book or author in any way.

This is a full kid’s yoga lesson plan, recommended for ages 5-14. This kids yoga lesson plan can be taught at a school, library, studio, at home, or in any setting where you work with kids. It is good for such a wide range of kids because there are lots of question prompts of varying levels and tons of material that you can add or omit depending on the age of kids. The lesson can last from 20-60 minutes, or more, depending on how much you choose to include.

My Many Colored Days, the kid’s yoga lesson, has a greeting, introduction, breathing/mindfulness lesson, warm-up, images of the kid’s yoga poses, guided meditation in resting pose, plus three optional writing/drawing/craft activities at the end!  Everything is written out in easy-to-read language for teaching kids of any age.

This lesson comes with 20 yoga poses within the lesson plan, AND in full-size printable format, plus pose descriptions. The entire document is 66 printable pages.

This is a digital download in PDF format; please make sure you have the software to use this product. You will NOT receive a physical copy in the mail.


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