Farm Adventure Themed Yoga Lesson


Kids Yoga Adventure Story lesson plan for a day at the farm! Pretend to go on an adventure to a farm and meet all the animals, learn about farm chores, and more.

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A fully scripted yoga lesson plan in digital PDF format for kids that includes:

  • 20 full-sized yoga poses and descriptions
  • Introduction
  • Warm-up activity
  • Breathing/mindfulness activity
  • Opening questions and facts
  • Fully scripted adventure story with how to do each pose
  • Visual sequence of the poses in order
  • Guided meditation
  • Barnyard Bingo Game Boards
  • Art activity ideas
  • Teaching tips

Everything you need to teach a 30-60 min kids yoga lesson to children ages 3-13! A fun way to learn about or expand your knowledge on outer space and the solar system through movement, mindfulness, and fun!

*This is an instant digital download, you will not receive a physical product in the mail.*

Embark on a magical journey with our Farm Animal Adventure Yoga Lesson Plan for kids! This delightful lesson combines the excitement of a movement-based imaginary farm visit with the mindfulness of yoga, offering an interactive, educational, and physical activity that kids will adore. Imaginations will run wild as children pose like cows, stretch like cats, and stand strong like a horse, all while cultivating flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Designed for little yogis, each pose is carefully curated to ensure safety and fun. Through an engaging story and animal-themed activities, this lesson plan enhances body awareness and fosters a love for movement, making it the perfect way to inspire a lifetime of wellness. Suitable for all skill levels, our Farm Animal Adventure Yoga Lesson Plan is the perfect addition to any kid’s routine, at home, school, or at the yoga studio.

The lesson is perfect for ages 3-10, and would work with older kids too. It’s adaptable to create a lesson anywhere from 20-90 minutes long!

The adventure yoga story is fully scripted, with a cheat sheet of the poses, and also larger images for kids to look at too.

Lesson plan includes a greeting activity, a warm up game, breathing exercises, opening discussion questions, full size images of the yoga poses, 6 Barnyard Bingo game boards, two art activity ideas, and a fully scripted guide relaxation. 

This is a 44 page printable PDF. You will not receive a physical copy in the mail.


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