Thank you, kids yoga teacher!

helping kids learn and grow in yoga with a growth mindset and positive praise

Thank you for being here!

Maybe you’re primarily a yoga teacher for adults or other populations and you are looking to start teaching kids yoga classes as well.

Or maybe you’ve taken on the role of teaching kids in a setting that you frequent often. Whatever the case and no matter your skill level or experience, I’m glad you’re here 🙂

Here are some good articles and places to start to gain a little extra knowledge and get some fresh ideas for your kids yoga teaching:

Lesson Plans:

Kids Yoga Story Lesson Plan Based on the Book Not a Box

Journey: An Active Kids Yoga Lesson Plan for Storytelling

Teaching Kids Emotional Awareness with “My Many Colored Days” Yoga Lesson- with Video!

Kids Yoga Sequences:

Kids Yoga Sequences that Keep Kids Engaged

Animal Yoga ABC Poses for Kids! [VIDEO]

Yoga Flow: Quick Yoga Sequences for Kids to Slow Down

Behavior Management:

Learn to Calmly Manage Crazy Classroom Behavior in a Kids Yoga Class

How to use Positive Praise and Affirmations for Kids in a Yoga Classroom

Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Teaching Kids Yoga

Yoga Games

The Best Yoga Games for an Amazing Summer Camp

Group Kids “Yoga” Games With a Ball

How to Play Engagingly Creative Yoga Games with your Kids or Students

I hope these ideas help you get off to a good start, and also give you some fun and fresh new ideas 🙂

Let me know if you are looking for anything else in your teaching ideas and inspiration!