One on One Coaching Call

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A One-on-one coaching call for thirty (30) minutes with Maia, the founder of Kumarah Yoga.

Your choice on the topic of discussion to best fit your needs in learning how to teach yoga and mindfulness to kids.

I’ll talk you through personalized strategies for teaching kids yoga and mindfulness, and we can focus specifically on any topic such as:

  • Kids yoga stories
  • Teaching kids yoga in a school
  • Lesson planning
  • Sequence development
  • Classroom management
  • How to make kids yoga your career
  • and more!

Once you purchase, I’ll email you directly to set up a time for the call that fits our schedules. You will receive a recording of the call afterward to keep and listen to at your convenience.


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A thirty (30) minute one-on-one phone call via Zoom with Maia, the writer, and creator of Kumarah Yoga. The purpose of the phone call is up to you! If you need help with classroom management, planning a series of classes, brainstorming a set of poses for a new sequence, or anything else related to kids yoga and mindfulness, set up a coaching call with me!

Whatever your setting (school, studio, library, home) I’d love to be able to listen directly to your challenges, talk you through some personalized strategies for improving your teaching and lesson planning, and help you come up with a game plan for your future in the kid’s yoga and mindfulness field.

I’ll give you the top tips for teaching kids yoga that I have compiled over 6 years of teaching kids full-time yoga and mindfulness!

Before your scheduled call, I’ll ask you for details on what you’re going through, what questions you have, and how I can help. That way, our 30 minutes will be spent productively on talking through strategies and solutions directly related to your needs!

1 review for One on One Coaching Call

  1. Savannah

    I am so grateful that I found Kumarah Yoga right before I started teaching yoga to kids in an after school program. The blog posts and coaching has taught me so much and given me peace of mind when I was extremely anxious about teaching. I can’t believe how many free resources are offered! Thank you so much for helping me start my yoga journey with kids.

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