Natural Remedies for Teens With Depression

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Natural Remedies for Teens With Depression

Depression is a widespread occurrence in society, especially among teenagers. Many young and older adults can recount times when they were depressed as a teenager and wished for something that could help. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for teens with depression.


Certain herbal teas have unique properties that can help your mental and physical health. For example, peppermint and sage are good teas to help with depression, while chamomile and lavender put you in a more relaxed and tranquil state. Sitting in a comfortable position while drinking tea will help the effects of the herbs flow through the body more easily.

Light and Color Exposure

Art has always had a profound effect on humanity, and part of that is color theory. Believe it or not, colors can impact our state of mind as we look at them. For example, light blue is a peaceful color, while a warm orange can manifest confidence. Wearing comfortable clothes and surrounding ourselves with calming or happy colors will help our mood and put our minds at ease.

Sunlight is another excellent natural remedy for teens with depression. As depression leaves us feeling dark and cold inside, light makes us feel warm and hopeful. Exposing your teenager to sunlight can significantly improve their mood and push back the depression.


Of all the senses, our sense of smell is the most closely linked to our memories. Filling your home with scents that remind your child of fond memories, such as a favorite place or meal, can help them connect with the good times they once had. These fond memories will help their mind in the present.

Essential Oils

Throughout time, people have used essential oils as a natural remedy to boost strength and other aspects of health. Try different fragrances to see which ones work best. Diffusing different essential oils will spread them through the air and create a more peaceful, comforting ambience for you and your child.


Homeopathic medicines have many benefits, but water may be the simplest and most universal way to improve physical and mental health. Drinking the right amount of water boosts detoxification and balance within the body. Feeling hydrated convinces the mind that your body is healthy, making you feel healthier overall. Make sure your teenager is drinking around six to eight cups of water a day to help them develop the habit.

Depression hinders our happiness, especially for teenagers who are in the prime of their youth. Battling depression is a constant struggle, but it is a battle you can fight with these natural remedies in your toolbox.

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