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2017 was the actual worst…  Hardcore.  Come December of that year, I decided 2018 was the year I was going to tackle a few things on my own turf.  I started fresh mentally, and I gave myself some clear goals.

  1. Build something on my own
  2. Become more financially stable
  3. Start a path to a career that will take me new places with more opportunities


So what did I do??? I decided to start a blog, of course!


And it has been QUITE A RIDE.

It is so much fun, it is freeing, it is fulfilling.

Just this month, April, I have started making money with my blog!  Not much, mind you, but something.  Enough to call myself a professional blogger.

And I only have been putting in real effort about half the time since February.  I still work as a teacher full-time, I still see my family and have a social life, and I didn’t waste hundreds of dollars or hours!

So how did I build my own blog in less than a month??? 

With an amazing step-by-step course called Build and Launch Your Blog.

I’ll be honest, I was super skeptical at first.

I didn’t know the people who did this blog course, this company called Create and Go. I didn’t think I actually would need all that much help starting a blog. I looked through their course outline, thought the price tag was too steep, and started up on my own.

I chose to watch some of their free videos, which were very helpful, and then I thought I’d be good to go.

A few weeks later, and after dozens of HOURS of going back and forth, writing down questions, comparing reviews of blog themes, what is SEO, and finding myself with a MILLION unanswered questions, I caved.

And I am so relieved I did.

So, Who are Alex and Lauren at Create and Go?

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Well, part of the reason I ended up buying Build and Launch Your Blog was that I really identified with their story.

They started out as struggling bloggers a few years, having quit their day jobs to try to get some flexibility in their lives. They had no clue what they were doing, they just had a goal to have some financial freedom and a lifestyle with more opportunities. They love to travel, they like staying healthy and being well.

The first blog they started totally failed. And the next time they tried again they went through MANY ups and downs. Even working at it full time, they tried many things and made lots of mistakes.

After a few months, and lots of trial and error, they started to make it work.

Now, after about 2 years and after starting a second successful blog, they make over $100,000 A MONTH.

Becuase they started a blog and made it successful! Crazy!

The goal of Build and Launch Your Blog is to help newbie bloggers (like myself)  AVOID making those same mistakes!

They take the guesswork out of how to start a blog.  They give HONEST opinions on which blog services to use and which ones to avoid. They tell you how to design your site for optimal traffic viewing, and how to write compelling articles.

I am SO happy I purchased Build and Launch Your Blog.  With this course, I was able to confidently build, design, write for, and launch my own blog in ONE month!

I had 10 articles, an amazing looking website, an email opt-in through ConvertKit, and I knew how to share on social media.  ALL of this, AND SO MUCH MORE, I learned from Alex and Lauren at Create and Go!

Since then, my email list has gained over 120 followers in just under two months of consistent publishing and FREE organic traffic.

I have had a pin on Pinterest go VIRAL with over 12,000 repins in two weeks! And I just recently started the bare bones of affiliate marketing and have made $18.85!  It’s official! I’m a professional blog owner!

I purchased the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (also somewhat hesitantly) in February and started implementing those strategies in March. 

Though I thought, as a Pinterest user for 8 years, that I knew everything about Pinterest, boy was I wrong!

The impressions my pins get went from basically 80 viewers per day to nearly 100,000 in the past month. I went from 7 clicks on pins per day to over 300!  All of this was based on advice and tips I learned from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche (and I hadn’t even started using Tailwinds, yet!).

I’m super excited to purchase the last bundle of two courses, the Monetization Bundle.  I really am looking forward to gaining some serious income from all of these followers that I have now!

What’s in the Build and Launch Your Blog Course?

create and go, build and launch your blog, how to be a blogger, blogging for beginners

Tools and Downloads:

  • A checklist
  • Email template
  • Access to the private support group (SERIOUSLY worth $100 by itself! Not only can you directly ask Lauren and Alex your questions, but you can talk to hundreds of other folks who have gone through the course and will have experienced the same issues as you will! This is GOLD, man)
  • Favorite resources list

Navigating WordPress

All the videos about how to use WordPress!  At least 100 minutes of going through all the complicated parts of the software. What you need, and almost as importantly, what you DON’T need. I loved listening to Alex go through this and be like, yeah that’s not necessary. Or, ok don’t use that…. So satisfying to not have to think about things.

Themes and Theme Tutorials

Don’t know how to code?  No worries! A & L walk you through which themes you can use and HOW to use them to customize and beautify your brand new domain and webpage.

I didn’t know that this would likely be an additional cost, but they give you great recommendations on free themes, too. When you start a blog, you have some upfront costs, but they let you know WHAT’s NECESSARY and what can be done without for a while.

Perfecting Your Blog’s Visual Appeal

Even more great information on that look that you just have to have on your blog. Don’t know how to get it? Lauren’s master skills in design help you out.  Now, she’s honest about what you can and can’t do with the theme that you might have (free or paid). And she also lets you know when to NOT sweat the small stuff. The visual part is big, but the content is even more so.

Blog Content

This a GREAT section on how to be a writer for when you start your blog. The ins and outs, the ups and downs. How to structure your posts, where to find great content, how to come up with a great title.

Alex talks about strategies for becoming a writer, how to do it without stressing out, and how to fix your mistakes, too. So many good tips. I’ve re-watched these several times.

Email Marketing and Collection Strategies

I did NOT know this was a thing. Apparently, it’s a huge thing. You need to be collecting emails. Right away! I’m so glad I did, and I’m super thankful they had these awesome tutorials. After less than three months I have over 120 subscribers already! I don’t know how it happened, but Alex and Lauren do.

Skills, Hacks, and Resources for Beginner Bloggers

More important blogging things! Things I didn’t even know I had to think about to start a blog! Tips on writing, time management, and more!

Social Media

What to use, how to set it up, why you should use some platforms over others. They walk you through the benefits of each one and help you learn what will work for your blog’s niche.

Alex and Lauren are honest about the differences in blogs from their own which is super helpful. This was very useful and kept me from doing too much too soon.


MORE Extras. You’ll have to purchase the course to find out what 😉 Over an HOUR AND a HALF of extra videos on how to become a successful beginner blogger. You got this!


Whew…. So, overall:

The main reason I loved Build and Launch Your Blog so much was that it broke down the process for how to start a blog into easy, manageable steps.

I felt so overwhelmed starting out, but with their tips, advice, checklist and action steps, I knew exactly what to do and when.

  • I didn’t overwhelm myself with too many things at once.
  • I didn’t waste hours researching what to do online.
  • I didn’t get lost in pointless design stages of the website.
  • I didn’t spend money on anything that I wasn’t ever going to use.

In fact, I’m sure I was able to save money overall with their practical advice about which platforms and programs to use. I picked the right ones and stuck with them. I had a plan and I followed it.

I built and launched my blog in just over a month, and I am a professional blogger, making income less than 4 months later!

If I didn’t have a full-time job I am sure it would have been sooner 😉

And with their help, I am sure you will be, too!

If you are at all considering starting your own blog, SERIOUSLY considering going for one of their courses.  Update: I DID end up purchasing their last two courses, and I am on my way to making my own products, making regular monthly income, and feeling great about my progress! I will update more as I start writing my own monthly income reports!

The Build and Launch Your Blog course helped me start my own blog in less than a month while working full time. I went from knowing NOTHING about blogging and feeling very confused by everything, to having my own business, making my first bit of income, and feeling confident about what steps I need to make to continue to grow.

You can do this, too!


Start with their free email courses, linked above.  Then check out their site, and look at what they have to offer. If you are ready to take the leap JUST DO IT!  You might be able to start a blog without their help, but I personally am SO relieved I had Alex and Lauren and the whole support of the community to help me along the way. 

Not only did I get answers to my questions FAST, I also learned it along the way. I learned the reasons to do things one way over the other. It wasn’t just a do this, do that checklist, I actually found reasonable answers to complicated questions, and I’m still learning! That means that when I choose to start a second blog, I will know the path to take because I learned it, too.

If you want to start your own blog and start something that you are passionate about, you need the Build and Launch Your Blog course. And if you really want to become a full-time blogger, making your own income and working from home, I’d highly suggest the full Pro Blogger Bundle

Full access to all the courses immediately to start living the life you’re dreaming of!  It’s not a simple overnight task, but they make it manageable, full of lessons on blogging as a business, and FUN!


Thank you, Alex and Lauren!!!